Asata Evans and Vic Rose, AxV Co-Founders

We started AxV Beauty in our home as a response to our own skincare journey. It was our top priority to perfect a product that was gentle on acne prone skin. The daily use of face masks and harsh cosmetic chemicals to treat “maskne” left our skin feeling irritated, dull, and dry. We both needed a natural remedy to calm our skin, restore hydration, and help to even our skin tone. Using a mix of essential oils, we created a hand-infused product that would not only help to treat inflammation and hyper-pigmentation, but also enhance our skin’s natural glow.

AxV Beauty was created to highlight Black beauty at all stages of our skincare journey. We are committed to changing the narrative around perfect skin and encourage a desire for healthy skin that embraces pores, texture, and the occasional blemish. We hope that by sharing our journey that we can create a safe space for Black beauty to be appreciated, celebrated, and embraced.

It is our goal to also highlight other small black businesses and social activists through various collaborations, with hopes of creating a community of influence and action. We not only want to glow in our own lives, but find ways to be a light in the lives of others.

Thank you for believing in us and taking this journey with us!

Love always,

Asata Evans x Vic Rose

P.s. real friendship and genuine love makes your skin GLOW!