Skincare has no gender

My skin care journey started when I was in high school. Somewhere between freshman year and sophomore year, my skin made a drastic change. A family member gave me a full Proactiv assortment, after hearing me complain of a small breakout. Shortly afterwards, my skin went bonkers. It may have been my hormones or the benzoyl peroxide but, either way my silky smooth skin became riddled with cystic acne.

I soon struggled with post-acne marks and scarring. I turned to accutane by recommendation from my dermatologist, but I was left with severely dry skin. Upon getting my skin mapped at Ulta, I found out that I actually had combination skin and I needed to find products that would help to balance the moisture levels in my face. After I stopped taking the pills, my skin slowly found some chill. Ever since, I’ve been on a road to recovery. My skin started clearing up, but I did not have a legitimate routine.

Once I moved to Manhattan, my Taiwanese-American friend, Janus, helped me form a skin care routine. It mainly consisted of using a face wash, toner, moisturizer, serum, bi-weekly exfoliant, and weekly sheet masks (though she does them nightly!). With consistency, my skin became even healthier and I started getting compliments on my skin. People were even asking me for skincare advice. Thanks, Jan!

I have since been a guide for others and continue learn more about ways to care for different skin types. The Essential Face Oil was created via experiment. After reading about the importance of carrier oils, I wanted to create a serum that would allow me to apply vitamin E topically. Ultimately, I’d created a face oil that successfully carried the vitamins and essential oils to my skin without irritating it. Shortly after, I made some for my best friend... and now you’re reading this. Remember, skin care is a journey. I mean look at the before and after. I definitely did not get here quickly.

Yet - “I have arrived, honey”, as Nene would say.

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