Mother's Day Gift Guide

Give the gift of self care to the women who matter most in your life. We've created a list of great gift ideas under $40. All items are available on our website and can be paid in 4 interest-free payments with Klarna!


1) Essential Face Oil ($20+)

Hand infused with essential oils, you can give the gift of GLOW! With a mix of jojoba, argan, tea tree, and vitamin e, this daily face oil helps to soothe, calm, and hydrate irritated skin. It's great for all skin types and is non-toxic. 

Essential Face Oil

2) Essential Glow Duo ($40)

Hydration + Exfoliation = GLOW! The Essential face Oil (see above!) and Brown Sugar Body Scrub are the perfect pair. Hand infused with Brown Sugar, Turbinado Sugar, Coffee, and Sunflower Oil, this scrub is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and edible! The Brown Sugar Body Scrub will leave you feeling smooth and soft!

3) Vitamin C Face Sheet Mask ($6+)

Vitamin C helps to brighten and hydrate your skin. This gift is not only great for your skin but encourages time for self care. 


4) Sunday Brunch Candle ($34)

The Sunday Brunch candle was created to evoke the feeling of powerful feminine energy! What better way to honor the women you love?! It's a beautiful blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Blood Orange and its sweet aroma leaves a sweet aroma hours after burning. 

5) Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set ($22)

Candle care is very important to the longevity of your candles. This set includes a luxurious matte black wick trimmer and snuffer. It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 



6) Bold Black Beauty T-Shirt ($30)

This is an ode to our reclamation of unapologetic black beauty. Cheers to embracing our bold, black beauty! All t-shirts are unisex and are available in sizes XS-XL. 

7) Bold Black Beauty Mug ($12)

What better way to start your day then with a daily affirmation?! Give the gift of positive self talk to the women you love. 

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