Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of self care this holiday season! Shop our collection of holiday sets curated by our team. We lovingly create products that enhance your daily self-care ritual and what better way to spread some holiday cheer this season?!


1) Face Oil + Brightening Serum Set ($45)

Here is your solution to hydrated and brighter skin! Together, these products not only soothe, calm, and hydrate irritated skin, but tone and clarify skin from post-acne scarring and sun damage. 


2) Face Oil + Body Scrub Set ($36)

Hydration + Exfoliation = GLOW! The formula is that simple. 


3) Body Butter Set ($54)

The weather is changing and so is your SKIN! Soft, sexy, moisturized skin is IN! This gift is the perfect way to encourage the daily self-care ritual for the people you love most. 

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